Behavior Policy

We work hard to ensure that everyone has a safe, educational, and fun time while participating in our programs. Behaviors that disrupt staff from effectively supervising, instructing, or interacting with participants will not be tolerated. Such behaviors may include, but are not limited to:

  • Refusing to follow staff instructions, behavior guidelines, or program rules
  • Refusing to participate in activities or cooperate with staff
  • Using profanity, vulgarity, ethnic slurs, or obscenity
  • Leaving a program without permission
  • Excluding other participants
  • Teasing, making fun of, or bullying other participants or staff
  • Stealing or damaging property
  • Misusing equipment and materials and/or using equipment or materials without permission
  • Installing unauthorized software, including apps, on any devices
  • Endangering the health and safety of children and/or staff
  • Threatening other participants or staff
  • Pushing, shoving, hitting, kicking, and/or biting other participants or staff
  • Using illicit drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Sexual conduct of any kind
  • Gambling

Since many of our programs involve playing video games such as Minecraft, behavior deemed “griefing” in-game is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, chat and/or mob spamming, flooding, malicious destruction, spawn killing, stealing equipment, unwanted building, purposely lagging, and trolling.

The following actions will be taken if the above-mentioned behaviors are observed:

  • Step 1:  Staff will issue a verbal warning and redirect the participant to a more appropriate behavior. 
  • Step 2: Staff will remove the participant from the group to discuss the behavior. 
  • Step 3: Staff will remove the participant from the group for a time-out and will notify the parent of the behavior. Notification will vary, depending on staffing, and might be done by phone, email, or in person.
  • Step 4: Staff will call the participant’s parent or emergency contact to have the participant picked up immediately.

The above steps are generally taken, in the order listed, over the course of a single session of the program. In cases of particularly malicious and/or problematic behavior, a step, or steps, might be skipped. If a participant gets to Step 4, he or she may return to the program for the next session only after discussion with the Director but will be at Step 3 upon return. Participants who get to Step 3 or 4 more than once may be dismissed from the program and might be barred from registering for future programs.

No refunds will be issued in the case of dismissal from a program based on inappropriate behavior.

Important: While we might tell the kids we have eyes on the backs of our heads, we really don’t. Retaliating against another participant is also considered disruptive behavior, so please encourage your children to speak up and tell an instructor if they are having problems.